The following is the Goethe House Wisconsin History Timeline. This brief outline highlights several milestones for the organization.

Goethe Haus Milwaukee was registered with the state of Wisconsin on March 10, 1958. The founding committee included: Dr. J.Martin Klotsche, UW-Milwaukee; Richard Krug, Milwaukee Public Library; Edward O'Donnell, Marquette University; Henry Reuss, U.S. Congressman; Dr. Eric Waldmann, Marquette University; and Frank Zeidler, Milwaukee Mayor.

From 1960 to 1990, Goethe Haus Milwaukee was housed in the Milwaukee Public Library. From this location, the organization offered German classes, lectures on German architecture, art, and history and provided a lending library.

In the summer of 1997, Goethe Haus Milwaukee offered their first Kindercamp for children.

In the year 2000, Goethe Haus Milwaukee became Goethe House Wisconsin.

Professor Umlaut joins Goethe House Wisconsin in 2001 as their mascot.

In 2008, the organization finds their new and current home on the Milwaukee School of Engineering campus in the Alumni Partnership Center.

In 2009, Goethe House Wisconsin received new opportunities to support their community, and specificaly their new host, MSOE.

  • Held inservices for German instuctors
  • Q&A session for MSOE students who would soon be studying abroad in L├╝beck, Germany
  • Redesigned newsletter
  • "Welcome to Milwaukee" reception for MSOE international students
  • Adult German language classes
  • German for Travelers
  • Translation services
  • Kindercamps
  • Presense at GermanFest 2009

In the 2010 year, Goethe House Wisconsin continues to serve the community and host new events such as German Film Nights.